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Fox & Sparrow Tattoo News - Upcoming Guest Artists, Conventions, Travel, Flash Events & More!

Jake Gordon Returns!

Jake Gordon will be tattooing with us February 21-25th. He's all booked up this trip but stop in and say hi and check out his amazing work! 

View Jake's Portfolio


Kit Miller / Joshua Chatwin Flash Day

Kit Miller from Old Horse Tattoo Co. in Chesterfield, IN will be tattooing with us on Friday March 31st. Kit and Joshua will have a special split tattoo flash sheet and making tattoos from that all day.

Walk-ins only, all designs repeatable and can be tattooed by either Tattoo Artist! 

View Kit's Portfolio

View Joshua's Portfolio


Middle of the Map Tattoo Convention

Samantha, Joshua, and Kaylea will be tattooing at this year's Middle of the Map Tattoo Convention in Des Moines, IA from April 14th - 16th 2023. 

Sean and Laura will be here holding the shop down!

Check out the other attending Tattoo Artists, Events, and Info HERE

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