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Alliance of Professional Tattooists

Fox & Sparrow Tattoo cares deeply for tattooing--it's rich history and bright future. As regulation grows from local, state, and federal levels, F&ST have become members of both The Alliance of Professional Tattooists and The Coalition for Tattoo Safety, both of which give Tattooers, collectors, and enthusiests a voice in the creation of laws that, if left to the FDA and Federal Government without our input and support, could lead to the type of over-regulation and unreasonable restriction of this thing we all love. The APT and CTS are on the frontlines to make sure Tattooists, collectors, and enthusiasts have proper representation in the molding of these new laws and statutes so that we may have reasonable and responsible regulations moving forward without endangering the integrity of tattooing and everything that makes it great. Join the APT and/or CTS now to help keep tattooing awesome!

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