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Joshua Chatwin, Tattoo Artist at Fox & Sparrow Tattoo

Joshua Chatwin

[Traditionally Rooted Tattooing]

Joshua began Tattooing in early 2010 shortly after graduating with a BFA in Fine Art from Ball State University. Joshua's tattoo style is rooted in American Traditional & Illustrative Tattooing with heavy influence from Lowbrow, Sci-Fi, and Pop Surrealism art. His original Tattoo Flash is available for booking below with new limited collections released monthly. Custom work is accepted in the style shown in Joshua's portfolio of Tattoos & Tattoo Flash. Custom Tattoo Rates: 1-2 Hours: $200-400 1/2 Day [3 - 4hrs]: $600 Full Day [4 - 5hrs]: $800 R.I.P. Craig Mathis - Friend, Mentor, and Tattoo "Pops." 

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Tattoo Flash Collections

Available Tattoos

February 2024

A collection of Tattoo Flash for February 2024, a short month of Love. 

  • Designs in this collection will be Tattooed as many times as requested during the month of February

  • Colors may vary 

  • Click Image to Book

February 2024 Tattoo Flash Color
February 2024 Tattoo Flash Black and Grey

Future Waves

A collection of Tattoo Flash inspired by Sci-Fi, Lowbrow Art, Psychedelics, and Pop Culture. 

  • Designs in Future Waves will only be Tattooed once

  • Colors may vary 

  • Click Image to Book

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