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Samantha Chatwin

[Neo-Traditional Tattooing]

Now Booking May 2023

- At this time Samantha will be giving booking priority to her pre-drawn designs & custom design requests that fit her tattooing style. 

To request an appointment with Samantha or get a quote for your next tattoo, please fill out the tattoo request form at the end of this page.

She may kindly refer you to one of our other talented artists if your design idea would better fit their style.

Samantha began Tattooing in 2013, Over the years she has found a passion for an illustrative traditional approach to tattooing. She enjoys tattooing designs inspired by nature; mushrooms, her collection of Mushroom Girls, indoor/outdoor plants, fruits/veggies, insects, animals, as well as traditional imagery such as swords, knifes, candles, lanterns, ribbons & crystals, just to name a few. 

  • Sammie Chatwin
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